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Resource Partners

Resource Partners

Assurance of Expertise, Service and Quality Product Supply.

Resource Partners enable MyGarage to offer and meet the specific needs, Expertise, Premium Service or the supply of Quality Products to its clients. By way of those associations, MyGarage is a genuine Integrated Service Provider (ISP) giving clients the confidence that MyGarage can and will meet all their vehicle needs.

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Vehicles, Service or Product Offers

Find a solution to meet your needs.

As a MyGarage user you can take advantage of the Vehicle Selections, Discounts, Special Services and Value Additions offered by MyGarage Resource Partners. All Resource Partners have met the qualification standards required by MyGarage and are subject to continuing scrutiny to ensure users receive the highest standards.

Supply Requests

Vehicle, Service or Product Requests by MyGarage members.

The MyGarage system fully monitors your activity with its Resource Partners, ensuring that you are completely satisfied through your experience with them. As important as it is for you, to receive the highest and most professional level of Service or Product, it is as important to a Resource Partner to be aware that their standards are meeting a client’s expectations and needs, and the MyGarage quality requirements.

In some instances requests made by MyGarage users will be made through the MyGarage system to ensure the appropriate Resource Partner is found to meet the needs of the request.

Integrated Service Provider

Definition - From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

As a Service - The ISP provider may be contracted to perform a function or consolidate any number of activities required to support the customer's needs. In any case, normally the primary goal of the ISP is to achieve an overall cost savings for the customer. ISP providers normally work closely with the customer's management team within a facility to provide strategic sourcing to cut costs. In addition, the ISP and the customer normally will use key performance indicators that provide constant feedback on the performance of the ISP program. ISP firms can manage single or multiple categories of spend, such as facility management services, as part of a total integrated scope of work.

Management of an ISP contract is typically a joint effort with both sides designating an ISP Manager. These managers will normally have quarterly review meetings to review performance and feedback with the customer's facility management team. Managers will also develop and review strategies related to spend management.

ISP firms may be required to hold certain permits or licenses in order to perform services. To obtain information on state requirements, a firm may check with the Contractor's License Reference website as well as the National Contractor's website.