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Realtime Management

Powered by Drive

Stay on top of your vehicle fleet management and compliance requirements.

Our Vehicle Management service provides clients with a powerful and easy to use web-based system for tracking vehicle position, speed, ignition status and driver behaviour.

Our system also tracks when your vehicles are nearing their Service, Warrant of Fitness, Certificate of Fitness, Road User Charges and other legal requirement deadlines. It will also and notify you when one of these events is approaching.

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Vehicle Tracking

Real-time Vehicle Position Data. Anywhere, anytime.
Tracking & Replays
Comprehensive Reports
Vehicle Compliance

With MyGarage Vehicle Management you can instantly view the current location and status of a particular vehicle, specific groups of vehicles or your whole fleet, in real time, using our interactive map. For past events you can replay a vehicle journey or view comprehensive reports about vehicle activity.

Tracking & Replays

Easily replay a vehicle journey and view related statistics.

Using our Drive Journey Replay functionality you can view a vehicle's journey history for any given time and date, providing you with a comprehensive insight into all aspects of the trip.

As vehicle status, location and speed are recorded, Drive Replay enables more efficient route planning for future journeys and provides detailed records of the trip should the need to evaluate the vehicle's history arise.

You can rest assured that your data is at the ready when you need it, which is invaluable in cases where information may have been challenged.

Comprehensive Reports

Generate a variety of comprehensive reports about vehicle activity.

Using the customisable Drive Report Suite, you can quickly and simply produce reports that show you exactly what you want to know.

You can generate reports for a single vehicle, groups of vehicles or your entire fleet, for any specified time-period and in various levels of detail, from a comprehensive trip report to a simple summary.

Once generated, reports can be exported in several formats to enable further analysis, emailed to where they need to be and you can even schedule automatic generation.

Vehicle Compliance

Automated tracking of Servicing, WOF/COF, Rego and RUC

Drive's Automated Notification System is linked to the NZTA’s database and will notify you when each vehicle is due for servicing (to remain compliant with warranties), Warrant of Fitness (WOF)/ Certificate of Fitness (COF), Licencing (Registration) and Road User Charges (RUC).

With Drive you can reduce the costs associated with over-servicing, the risks created by under-servicing, identify and address mechanical issues before they cause costly downtime and also keeps accurate records of maintenance performed and ensures preventive maintenance is done at the right time.